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My name is Damodar Rajbhandari. I'm aiming to be a Professor working in the field of Quantum Gravity with my own research group at the reputed institution of Gravitation and Cosmology.

WHY Aspirant Quantum Gravity Physicist?
Well, I’m very curious about the things that trigger my mind and stay focalize for a long time. But now, I have found such a thing that I could put my best effort to understand it. The most special thing for me is to understand the universe at a very fundamental level. To be specific, Quantum Gravity and similar stuff. So, I will stay focalize on these things in near future.

WHY Scientific Programmer?
Basically, I love mathematics in such a way that I can take pictures of it in my mind. So most of the time, I love to play and tweek with mathematical theories. And also, I love to introduce myself as a self-learner programmer (or a software developer).

WHY Outreach Blogger?
I love ideas and, always interested to know how it fits and turns into a reality. I believe every theory has the specific idea with exact meaning. But, while the process of getting knowledge of it, it turns into several views and several views turns into several meanings. Now, it’s really hard to pick which one is pure. So, Blogging came into my mind. Lemme answer why! The main thing that came in my mind is that, if I share an article on the topic that I have learned or trying to learn then, other peer people will read my articles and will give some feedback which I thought a wonderful idea.
Having a pure level of knowledge and ideas matters much to me!

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  • 2019

    ... University

    Ph.D. in Physics

    Aspirant Ph.D. thesis in Quantum Gravity.

  • 2014

    St. Xavier's College, affiliated to Tribhuvan University, Nepal

    Four years of B.Sc. in Physics

    I've taken Physics, Mathematics and Statistics as a major, and Secured 3.73/4.00 GPA (via wes.org) equivalent to 70.73% in an aggregate of the first three years of B.Sc. in Physics. I have secured 82.4% in my Fourth (final) year of B.Sc. Physics Degree.
    My Bachelor thesis is in Quantum Gravity.

  • 2012

    Step By Step Higher Secondary School, Nepal

    High School Degree

    I have secured 75% in aggregate.
    During those days, I was very interested in the field of the concept of the field due to Sir. Micheal Faraday to explain Electro-magnetism. I mean, I was very fascinated by the chapter Magnetism and I even try to give a theory about how repulsion and attraction work in magnets. And this trigger to me further and very eager to know, whether is it a mathematical trick to solve physics problem or is it a physical thing that we can see in magnets, gravity and soon.

  • 2011

    Shree Shitaladevi Community Higher Secondary School, Nepal

    School Leaving Certificate

    I have secured 79.75%.
    During those days, I was very football holic, and was a player for ANFA Kaski (All Nepal Football Association) and Garden Football Club. Days turned into studies, when I was very interested in Mathematics especially solving the problems related to Geometry.


  • Aug 2017
    July 2018

    An open source code for Causal Dynamical Triangulations (CDT) without preferred foliation in (1+1) dimensions with elementary expositions

    Researcher & Scientific Programmer

    Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Udayaraj Khanal & Dr. Jonah Maxwell Miller

    This is my under-graduate senior thesis. I have developed a new software toolkit for CDT without preferred foliation in (1+1) dimensional Quantum universe which will be freely available under the GNU public license and contribute to the open source community.
    References: Approved report and presentations and codes at cdt-qg-2D/

  • Feb 2017

    A Short Visit to Ising's 2D Model

    Researcher & Scientific Programmer

    Supervisors: Dr. Jonah Maxwell Miller

    I have implemented the Ising 2D model in python v3.5. with Object Oriented approach. And I consider, this is my first simulation project. In this work, my main contribution is on the code optimization. I finished this simulation in the sense that I learned some basics of Monte-Carlo Simulation and achieved results that were comparable to Onsager’s solution. After getting the data from simulation, I have presented all my results in a report “A short visit on Ising 2D model". I have also presented the poster of this work in "International Conference on Physics of Space and Materials (ICPSM 2017)”.
    Reference: Ising-Model-in-2D/

  • Oct 2017

    LaTeX template for the preparation of bachelor’s project proposal under Tribhuvan University formatting.

    Template Designer

    I have made the template much clearer than the one which we can find in overleaf.
    Reference: SXC-project-proposal/

  • Dec 2016

    Optimizing the equation solver code via Fixed Point Iteration method


    I have developed an optimized version of code for fixed point iteration method in Matlab.
    Reference: Fixed-Point-Iteration-Method/


  • 2017

    Journal of St. Xavier's Physics Council

    Editor and IT Officer

    I'm the active editorial member for the year(2017-2018) in this Journal. This journal belongs to the category called as "Post-Publication Peer Review Journal". Also, it is an overlay journal on viXra.
    Reference: sxpc.ga/journal

  • Jan 2017
    Apr 2017

    New Dimension Magazine


    This magazine is the Physics department's magazine at St. Xavier's College.

  • 2016

    St. Xavier's Physics Council

    IT Officer

    During the council, my job is to maintain sxpc.ga site and other IT related works.

  • 2008

    All Nepal Football Association (ANFA), Kaski

    Football Player

    Being in club helped me to be a social and friendly person as I'm now!

Community Activities

  • Dec 15, 2017

    Certification of Participation- Workshop on Open Source Programming Language “R"

    By Institute of Information & Technology, Nepal

  • Sep 2-3, 2017

    Certification of Poster Presentation on “A Short Visit to Ising’s 2D Model"- International Conference on Physics of Space and Materials (ICPSM 2017)

    By St. Xavier's College, Nepal

  • July, 2017

    Token of Love- Tutorial Session on “A Short Introduction to LATEX and it’s importance"

    At St. Xavier's College, Nepal

  • Sep, 2016

    Certification of Participation- National Workshop on New Research Trends in Physics

    By St. Xavier's College, Nepal

  • Jun, 2016

    Certification of Participation- School on Astronomy and Space Science

    By B.P. Koirala Memorial Planetarium, Observatory and Science Museum Development Board, Government of Nepal

Scholarly Works


Rajbhandari, Damodar (2017). “Detailed Derivation of 1+1 Dimensional Causal Dynamical
Triangulations without Preferred Foliation”.
In: Find the paper.

Rajbhandari, Damodar (2017). “A Binomial theorem to derive the Taylor expansion in one variable”.
In: The Winnower. Find the paper.

Unpublished articles

Rajbhandari, Damodar (2016). “An introduction to F-notation and the prove of the cartesian
product of natural number is countably infinite”.Find the paper.

Rajbhandari, Damodar (2016). “Logical treatment for an oscillatory sequence
1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1, 2,..to find any term and a computer program to assist the operation”.
Find the paper.

Rajbhandari, Damodar (2016). “The premature state of “Topology” and “Graph Theory”
nourished by “Seven bridges of Königsberg problem””. Find the paper.

Conference Proceedings & Posters

Rajbhandari, Damodar (2017). “A short visit to Ising’s 2D model”.
In: International Conference on Physics of Space and Materials (ICPSM 2017).
Find the paper.


Rajbhandari, Damodar (2017). A short visit to Ising’s 2D model.
Tech. rep. Find the report.,
St. Xavier’s College, Nepal.


Rajbhandari, Damodar (2017). A short introduction to LATEX and
it’s importance
. Find the talk.

Rajbhandari, Damodar (2016). Introduction to Fixed Point Iteration Method
and its application
. Find the talk.

Code Repositories

Rajbhandari, Damodar (2017). Beamer-like power-point template.
Find the code.

Rajbhandari, Damodar (2017). LaTeX template for the preparation of bachelor’s project
proposal under Tribhuvan university formatting
Find the code.

Rajbhandari, Damodar (2016). Fixed point iteration method implementation.
Find the code..

Rajbhandari, Damodar (2016). Ising 2D model simulator.
Find the code.

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